5 things to add to your college application essay

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What is a college application essay?

Several universities have made the college admission essay a mandatory part of their application process. These essays are a form of applicants’ statements defining their academic success, their core competence skills, and other personal and professional personality traits. This personal statement allows the admission officials to evaluate the applicant and identify the unique attributes of his personality suitable for admission.

  • A college admission essay is an opportunity for students to represent their unique personality traits.
  • A good college admission essay could add up to the possibility of getting admission to the college of your choice.
  • A student should make his best efforts to develop a good college application essay.
  • Your college admission essay should create your image to attract the university to your personality.
  • The college application essay should be inclusive of the pieces of evidence of your academic achievements in the form of a scorecard showing your GPA, and other eligibility test scores. However the reference letter and GPA scores are given more priority in the application, and an appealing college application essay may allow you to distinguish yourself from others applying for the same college or university.

    5 things to add to your college application essay

    Your intelligence makes you attractive more than anything else. The best way to stand out from the competition while applying for a good college or university is necessary to develop a charismatic image of yourself through your university essay. There are a lot of things that can make your essay eye-catching for admission officers. However, there is great confusion about what should be considered in a well-written essay. Let us tell you about the top five things that should be a part of your college admission essay.

    A. Relate to yourself

    The most significant element of your essay is to tell your side of the story. The main focus of your university essay should be on you. The essay must define your interests, background, and personality. Write an essay that describes your uniqueness in more than one way. Every piece of information you include in your essay should create a positive image that makes you unique and distinguished from other applicants. You can share any experience or a person that brings a positive impact on your life and helped you develop the skills you need to build a better career. Describing your achievements and the milestones you achieved is easy. Mentioning your achievements is not enough, you need to highlight them that leave a strong impression on the readers.

    B. A touch of Reality

    Telling your story can take you to the world of imagination which is needed to be avoided. Make your essay as real as possible. Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be faced. Being real with yourself can be the best way to attract the audience to you. Write your college application essay that creates a mirror image of your reality rather than making it fascinating to grab attention. Reflecting on what you are can be more appropriate than creating a good image.

    C. Share your life experiences

    Every experience is positive if you see it as an opportunity for your growth and self-development. Sharing your experiences is a must in your college application essay. Sharing your experiences through your own words is the best evidence of your achievements and learnings. It can make your university essays more realistic and unique for the admission officials of the college or universities you applied to.

    D. Stay on your Essay niche

    Maintaining a good flow for your college application essay may deflect you from the niche of your essay. All information you provide in your university essay should connect with its niche. Before writing your college application essay you need to identify the elements that create a niche for the same. Sharing every experience, interest, or achievement you must stay on those niche elements. The niche could be anything that defines your expertise in a certain area of your interest and aligning the same to the content of our essay must bring quality to the same.

    E. Be truthful to what you write

    Honesty is the basics of your writing skills and hence the students are suggested to be truthful in what they write in their university essays. Being true to yourself as well as your audience is necessary while writing an essay. Showing honesty with your essay may allow you to gain the trust of the college or university you have applied to. Make your intention clear and interpret them in the same way in your essay.

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