How to write and what to include in research proposals

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How to write and what to include in research proposals

The writing of a research proposal is an important step in the process of conducting any kind of research. It outlines the research question, the objectives, the technique, & the expected findings in a manner that serves as a roadmap for the complete research process. Let's talk about how to construct a research proposal as well as what should be included in it.


The research proposal's title must be brief & descriptive. It should make clear the research's primary focus and draw the reader in.


A concise description of the research topic, the research question, and the relevance of the study should be included in the introduction. In addition to that, it needs to explain the purpose of the study and point out the holes in the previously published research.

Research Questions and Objectives

The research problem ought to be clearly described, as should the research questions & objectives, and they ought to be connected. The research questions must be SMART, which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, & time-bound. The objectives must be precisely outlined and coordinated with the research questions.

Literature Review

The research proposal should not be considered complete without the completion of the literature review. The literature review should provide a summary of the available literature relating to the research issue, including the most important concepts, hypotheses, and empirical evidence. The literature review should point out any holes in the previously published research as well as emphasise the importance of the research that is being proposed.


In the part on methodology, you should discuss the research design, the sampling strategy, the methods for collecting data, and the procedures for analysing the data. An explanation of the ethical decisions that were made as well as the limits of the study ought to be included.

Expected Outcomes

In the part titled "Expected Outcomes," you should discuss the potential contributions that the proposed research could make to the existing body of literature, as well as the implications that this research could have for clinical settings. Additionally, it should explain any potential constraints that the study may have.


The references need to be included in a format that is consistent with one another, adhering to the citation style that is suggested by the target publication or the funding agency.

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